Jabin Law’s performance reminds you of a sculptor, his works are crafted with details in their structure and expressions. His guitar plays the sound of solidarity of modern cities – where souls wander around to seek for stability. The further one goes, the more you realise we are all but lonely neighbours.

Jabin started participating in different live performances in 2012, and published his double disc demo album Day and Night in 2014. He was invited to be the opening act for Erlend Øye’s Hong Kong live in 2015. In 2016 he published his first self-funded folk album The Suns, with which not only written all songs, but also arranged, produced and mixed by himself. He was invited to participate in OzAsia Festival in Sept 2016.

Jabin focuses on melody and lyrics. You could tell his thoughts from his words, and surprised by his husky voice mixed with the tiniest taste of gentleness. You probably cannot help but to ask this slender guy, “How old is your soul?” once you see his live performance. He never talks much about his works, and if you ask for the stories behind his music, he would reply cunningly with a poker face.

The theme of his songs usually conveys feelings rather than meanings. "It's perfectly okay to 'misunderstand' my songs. The songs aren't about me. It's about you and me."

Growing up in a place like Hong Kong, Jabin has known the pseudo-formula to succeed. "Just four chords. Act cute. Write lyrics that could catch others' attention. Being a famous musician in Hong Kong is easier than you think." But Jabin refused to compromise. He sang in Spanish and French. He used incomprehensible metaphors in his lyrics and unusual chord progressions in his music. He denied the rules set by the society.

Besides his passion on songwriting, Jabin’s singing and guitar playing are also the key elements for his artistry. Jabin’s voice is often described as transparent, direct and truthful. Without concerning much about singing technique and repertoire, Jabin’s genuine singing tells us his realm of imagination in this cruel world.

On top of that, Jabin’s guitar playing is another indispensable part of his performance. Inspired by countless Delta Blues and Classic Rock guitarists, Jabin avoids flamboyant virtuosity and continuously works on the basis of guitar playing. He wants to do more on a chord than most guitarists desire to do on the hundreds of notes. "I love hearing how different chords resonate with the wood when they ring and fade away. Every chord is unique and I'm never tired of discovering new chords."

"It’s difficult to choose just one song from Law’s extensive library of songs, as each song by the blue tinged folk singer is an intimate experience of its own."

- "Best Indie Tracks of 2014 Hong Kong",


"The songs of Jabin Law are every bit the archetype of heart-tugging, reflective folk: poetic, thoughtful and insightful, and combining gorgeous harmonic changes and his intoxicating vocals, the singer-songwriter’s carefully constructed songs take melancholy to a new level…"
- "Hong Kong's New Music Wave",
Time Out Hong Kong



- Wide Awake (Limited Demo EP) (2013)
- "Day" & "Night" (A 20-song double demo album)(2014)
- The Suns (2016)
- The Suns (Bonus Tracks) (2017)
- But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine (2018)


Past key events:

Jan 2018 Swimwalking 游山行 - 回 Turn Around (Again)
Dec 2017 詩歌生活節
Aug 2017 Unplugged Somewhere
Jul 2017 永發茶餐廳 (Wing Fat Cha chaan teng)
May 2017 Hidden Agenda Rooftop Sessions Kick Off Party
Feb 2017 University Museum and Art Gallery at HKU (with Eugene Pao and Steven Tracy)
Feb 2017 Chicago Blues at City University Of Hong Kong
Sep 2016 OzAsia Outdoor Concert Series
Jul 2016 The Suns: Jabin Law's Album Release Concert
Apr 2015 RTHK "Artspiration" Outdoor Concert (香港電台好想藝術「文藝黃昏聚」音樂會)
Mar 2015 Opening up for Erlend Øye (Music Zone at KITEC)
Jab 2015 Grasscamp'15 (草民音樂營)
Sep 2014 Time Out's Big Night Out at K11
Feb 2014 Kowloon Union Church (九龍佑寧堂)
Oct 2013 Fullcupmusic
Jun 2013 ShanZhai Music (山寨音樂)
Dec 2012 Grassfest'12 (草民音樂節)