Photo by   Michael CW Chiu
Photo by Lo Jai

Photo by Lo Jai

Jabin Law is a Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter. His music bears the weight of urbanism.

Nurtured by Dylanology and 90’s alternative rock movement, Law has been writing hundreds of songs since 2012.

Law published his double-disc demo album Day and Night in 2014, capturing the melancholy of youthfulness. In 2016 he published his first self-funded folk album The Suns, turned to explore death, existentialism and subconsciousness. The album was heavily influenced by the fingerstyle playing and singing of Nick Drake. After two years, Jabin conveyed his solitude by releasing But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine (2018). The album carefully crafted his guitar repertoire in early years and accented the flow, temperature and rhythm of his works, and thus delivered the desolation of urban life.


Jabin Law,香港民謠唱作人,歌曲承載現代城市的荒涼和壓抑。

受巴布迪倫(Bob Dylan)音樂哲學和九十年代另類搖滾薰陶,Jabin Law自2012年開始已創作超過百首作品。Jabin在製作過程保持自我,經常一手包辦專輯的作曲、作詞、編曲、監製和混音。

2014年出版二十首歌的Demo雙專輯《Day》與《Night》,簡單直接的流行民謠曲風展現青春情懷和惆悵;2016年自資發佈第一張民謠專輯《The Suns》,轉向探討死亡、存在主義哲學和潛意識的掙扎,曲風也明顯受Nick Drake式的複雜指法和脆弱的低吟影響;兩年後,Jabin把多年來吸收的鬱悶和搖滾情緒呈現在《But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine》(2018)。這張專輯精磨早年民謠結他彈奏技法,更重視音樂的起承轉合、整體節奏和溫度,從而醞釀出沉重的城市疏離感。


2019年 香港藝術發展局《風平草動》音樂總監

2018年 香港藝術發展局《游山行》音樂總監

2016年 澳州阿德萊德澳亞藝術節

2015年 Kings Of Convenience主音Erlend Øye暖場嘉賓 



-香港樂評網站 Absurd Creation

「如今 Jabin 完全擁有他的音樂,他是這個城市最好的唱作人。」

- Rocky Sum (獨立廠牌 Sweaty & Cramped 主理人)

"It’s difficult to choose just one song from Law’s extensive library of songs, as each song by the blue tinged folk singer is an intimate experience of its own."

- "Best Indie Tracks of 2014 Hong Kong",


"The songs of Jabin Law are every bit the archetype of heart-tugging, reflective folk: poetic, thoughtful and insightful, and combining gorgeous harmonic changes and his intoxicating vocals, the singer-songwriter’s carefully constructed songs take melancholy to a new level…"

- "Hong Kong's New Music Wave",
Time Out Hong Kong


歷年專輯 Discography:

- Wide Awake (Limited Demo EP) (2013)
- "Day" & "Night" (A 20-song double demo album)(2014)
- The Suns (2016)
- The Suns (Bonus Tracks) (2017)
- But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine (2018)