Frequently Asked Questions


What is "A Song Per Month" Subscription Plan?

It is a monthly newsletter which shares latest songs and updates of the singer-songwriter.

Why is this "A Song Per month" plan created?

I have been performing and writing songs for more than 5 years. However, recently I have noticed that regardless of how prolific I am, uploading songs to different platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud does not seem to have a strong impact on my audience. The cost of making music is also quite high that I could barely keep this website running. It seems dumb to work on a song for two months for people to listen for free. Therefore, I want to try changing the game rules. I would like to have a stronger bond between me and my audience and increase my productivity even further.  - Jabin


WHy should I join this Subscription Plan?

Because it is the perfect way to support the musician's autonomy and pay for music you enjoy with just a reasonable and affordable amount of money.

What is included in "A Song Per month"?

  1. Latest songs written by Jabin, exclusively for the plan
  2. Lyrics of the latest songs
  3. Sharing of backstories and creative process of the songs
  4. A chance for song request
  5. Exclusive ticket price for coming performances
  6. Priceless respect from the singer-songwriter
  7. Selected outtakes, demos or live recordings (occasionally)

Most new songs will not be uploaded to any other platforms, not YouTube, Soundcloud or Facebook. A newsletter will be sent to your email every first Saturday of the month.

How can I join "A Song Per month"?

You can follow some simple steps and join here immediately.

I have subscribed but I haven't received any newsletter for a long time.

Please ensure that your given email is correct. Also, It is possible that your e-mail service provider mistakenly treats it as spam and puts it in the spam folder. If you find it, please mark it as Not Spam.
It is recommended to "whitelist" the newsletter by adding the email address ( to your e-mail contacts. e-mail service provider will usually deliver email from addresses that are in your contacts.

Where is the password to access the "A Song Per Month" content?

It should be included in the monthly newsletter.

I still have some questions...

Should you have any enquiries, please contact us here.