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But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine

But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine is Jabin Law’s third solo release since he started performing in 2012. Unlike his previous album The Suns, which he said was “more philosophical” and stream-of-consciousness, this time he has gone political and emotional. “No Christmas in Aleppo” responds directly to the violence of the Syrian civil war, and other songs carry traces of what he calls the suppression and eruption of his emotions: “Are you feeling high / are you feeling low / if I’m never in your dream” he sings in “Would You Ever Love My Game?”

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The Suns

by Jabin Law

"The sky was black and the earth was yellow,
The universe was vast and a dark whole.
The sun rises and sets and the moon is regularly round,
Stars spread high above without a toll."



The Suns is an album by folk singer Jabin Law. Released in 2016, Jabin made a deliberate attempt to write songs about his philosophical view on universe and interpersonal relationship.


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by Jabin Law

Jabin Law released his 20-song demo CD, Day and Night in 2014. Day is a collection of Law's relatively brighter tracks which celebrates compassion, love and joy.

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by Jabin Law

Jabin Law released his 20-song demo CD, Day and Night in 2014. Night is a collection of Law's relatively darker tracks which expresses melancholy, indulgence and mental struggles of oneself.

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