《But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine》MP3

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《But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine》MP3


完成《The Suns》兩年後,Jabin Law 把多年來吸收的鬱悶和搖滾情緒呈現在《But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine》(2018)。這張專輯精磨早年民謠結他彈奏技法,更重視音樂的起承轉合和整體節奏和溫度,從而醞釀出沉重的城市疏離感。

「《But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine》大概便是這樣的一個眼神。既是回顧,亦是眺望。」--香港樂評網站 Absurd Creation


But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine is the 2nd studio album by Hong Kong singer-songwriter Jabin Law. His favouritism in alternative rock and folk music motivates him to create intangible movement of emotional struggles and suppressions.


Artist: Jabin Law
Genre: Alternative/ Folk
Year: 2018
01 No Christmas In Aleppo
02 Floating In My Dream
03 Seeing Myself Turning Into An Old Man
04 Turmoil Blues
05 Rising Moon
06 Jessica Once Was Searching
07 Would You Ever Love My Game?
08 Buying, Being Sold
09 From The Pain
10 Neon, Neon
11 Forest Of Remains
12 A Boring Midnight
13 My Demon Friend


All tracks composed, mixed, mastered, arranged and produced by Jabin Law. 
All instruments played by Jabin Law. 
Graphic design by Practical Dinosaur. 
Painting : Rocks in the Forest by Paul Cézanne. 

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