《The Suns》MP3

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《The Suns》MP3


The Suns is an album by folk singer Jabin Law. Released in 2016, Jabin made a deliberate attempt to write songs about his philosophical view on universe and interpersonal relationship.

2016年Jabin Law自資發佈第一張民謠專輯《The Suns》,轉向探討死亡、存在主義哲學和潛意識的掙扎,曲風也明顯受Nick Drake式的複雜指法和脆弱的低唱影響。Jabin在製作過程為了保持自我,一手包辦專輯的作曲、作詞、編曲、監製和混音。

1. Six Verses Blues
2. Don't Ask Me Again
3. The Best Time
4. Sunrise and Garden
5. Don't Let the Sun Go Down
6. What If? 
7. The Sun Also Rises
8. Spiral
9. Achlys
10. Let It All Begin Again
11. You Can Walk Along (The Philosopher Song)


*320 kbps MP3, lyrics attached on every file

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